SEO trends: Here’s how you’ll conquer the top search results in 2021

The most important SEO trends in 2021 are:

– Increase in one-click searches.

– Semantic searches.

– Increasingly fleeting users.

– Changes in user experience.

– And others that you will see throughout the article.

2020 has been a year of several updates to Google’s spiders, of resounding drops in the SERPs, of Pinterest images ranking inexplicably, and above all, of many local searches.

As you can see, 2021 will be quite a busy year for SEO with trends of all kinds, both good and bad:

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User experience (UX) is king

It’s almost a cliché, but we must stress to you that right now user experience is the most important factor in SEO trends in 2021.

But that’s not the reason why we’ve put it as a trend, it’s because user experience is actually changing due to the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Although it is repetitive, it cannot be ignored that the pandemic has changed user behaviour, and therefore the way searches are conducted.

That the user experience within the content and your entire website is an important factor is a fact that you will have known for a long time. Now what is worth pointing out is that virtuality has taken over with the pandemic and with it has brought new search behaviours that we will mention throughout this article. 

Semantic searches 

The term semantics is related to the interpretation of signs, words, symbols, languages and other resources we use to communicate.

In the case of search engines, it refers to the correct interpretation of searches through semantic networks of interconnected data and words.

Search engines, by means of these networks, are able to better interpret the user’s search intention, and that is why search engines are getting better at finding what users are looking for, even with little data.

Increased one-click searches 

As we have said, user behaviour continues to change, and the generation of consumers that is becoming predominant is the millennial generation, an overwhelmed, instantaneous-loving generation that likes a lot of so-called one-click searches.

What are one-click searches?

They are searches where the user does not leave the Google homepage, nor does he access any result because he finds the information on the SERP page.

A good example of this is: Featured snippets, current temperature information, covid figures, news headlines, calculators and other content that keeps the user on the Google homepage.

Clearly Google’s trend is to keep increasing one-click searches, which is not beneficial for webmasters, but as we are so dependent on Google we must adapt to these changes.

One of the ways is by adapting your content to conversational searches, making use of questions and synthesis in your content that allow you to position yourself in the featured snippets. 

Google, a conversational chatbot? 

This is how Google is slowly becoming a conversational chatbot of sorts, further driven by voice search, which by 2022 is estimated to be involved in $40 billion of e-shopping spending.

The popularity of devices like Google Home will continue to bring huge profits to the giant, while most webmasters will see little or no benefit from them, just a mention when they get a featured snippet. 

Local searches and Coronavirus 

It may seem a truism to mention the effects of the coronavirus on SEO, but there are important aspects that can go unnoticed, especially when it comes to consumer behaviour. And one of those aspects is local searches:

The pandemic along with its quarantines has made us more sedentary than ever, so consumers are searching and shopping as close to home as possible. So, it’s the perfect time to optimise our websites for local search. NAP and Google My Business profile optimisation become a priority. 

Voice search 

Más del 55% de los usuarios adolescentes hacen uso de la búsqueda por voz a diario (Quoracreative). Una cifra que puede parecer insignificante pero que queda baja frente a las predicciones de hace algunos años que auguraban una expansión de hasta un 70% del total de las búsquedas. Sin embargo, hay que estar atento a la expansión de los distintos tipos de dispositivos y asistentes de voz.

SSL Certificates 

In the SEO trends 2021, web security and data transparency is still important for Google’s spiders, and now more than ever. For this reason, your websites should not be without SSL certificates that guarantee the authenticity of your website and its data.

Of course, this is also important for users, who are becoming more and more careful and demand more transparency and security for their browsing and data..

Video content is the first 

According to research by Forrester, videos rank 50% higher than web page results with plain text. While 62% of Google searches include videos.

So, yes, video content is still the best SEO content format, as well as the type of content that attracts the most traffic and the highest conversion rates.

Increasingly fleeting users

We have tried to give Google a bit of stick when we talk about unique visits (although it is little compared to the stick they give us when they monopolise a large percentage of traffic), however, we must recognise that the content that Google presents on its homepage is perfectly adapted to the type of overwhelmed user of today, who are increasingly ephemeral, overloaded with content and fleeting.

For these users it is necessary to present content that does not exceed the necessary length. So video content is ideal for them.

Google and authority in SEO 2021

It would be too obvious to mention topics such as website authority and link authority, which are still hot topics (although now also the behaviour of the user after accessing the hyperlink counts and not only the authority itself); as well as the authority of different sections and pages of a website.

But now, Google’s animators have expanded their perception of authority to other areas such as content authors, social platform profiles, certificates of expertise, and user behaviour patterns towards them.

SEO trends in 2021: Influencer marketing is still hot

You’ve probably also read that influencer marketing will decline in popularity due to the lack of authenticity in influencer marketing due to the use of bots and an overvaluation of this sector.

But perhaps what will happen is a correction, and now marketing departments will focus more on micro influencers, as well as choosing influencers that are truly relevant to the subject matter of the business being promoted. But that’s another matter, what we wanted to express is that influencer marketing is still an important resource for positioning in 2021. 

Charging speeds and 5G 

In 2021 it is not acceptable for a website to load in more than 3 seconds, it is necessary that our websites are 100% optimised for both desktop and mobile loading.

On the other hand, 2021 will also be the year of the beginning of the expansion of 5G networks, technologies that will bring with them new speeds and with it, new possibilities for mobile browsing. We must be aware of the gaps that will occur due to the limitations of the expansion of this type of network, of which there are many.

The future of SEO is data

Data is the real digital gold and even more so when it comes to SEO. The future of SEO trends are focused on the use of data management, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence.

The key has always been, is and will always be data management. In this way, search engines will always be able to interpret user behaviour more accurately.

How to position in 2021?

1.      Focus on deciphering the search intention of users and that your content meets this demand.

2.      Create video content to increase your traffic and conversion rate.

3.      Given the constant updates that affected a lot of websites in 2020, it is a good opportunity to stress that it is not good to rely on SEO alone. On another occasion we presented 3 free options to generate free traffic.

4.      Focus on local SEO optimisation.

5.      Consider using micro-influencers that are related to your sector to increase traffic along with the authority of your website.

What do you think about our SEO trends in 2021? In Pymesworld we have helped thousands of companies to conquer the top positions in Google through our SEO web positioning service Contact us!

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