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Do you need extra income, to pay some bills, to help with your family needs, to prepare Christmas, to go on holidays…? Whatever the reason is, you deserve to achieve all your objectives !

If you are searching for ways to make money online, you are at the right place !

The system we have chosen to invest in is called: Multiple income funnel (MIF). Your job is only to set up and activate the 4 paid streams in the MIF back-office, promote your link and let your generous commissions flooding in daily, weekly and monthly on complete autopilot.

Why would you trust MIF?

Because it is a DONE for you system ! Perfect for Beginners and experts online marketers !

Key features for successful Network Marketing

Professional capture pages, automated and personalized follow-up emails, targeted traffic sent to your URL, high commissions products as income streams.

All the heavy work has been done for you and ready to go, gathered in one system only: MIF. Don’t work hard but work efficiently!

It is a proven system

One of the steps when joining MIF is to join the private Facebook group only for paid members : 8.5K today…(AUG,31st 2021) so that you can get all the tips, support, encouragement, and help that you may need, in addition to your coach/sponsor.

You can also see there some proven results, going from $20/month is the minimum…to $2500 per day !!!! So Choice is yours now.


“The best decision you could make is to invest in yourself! Don’t reinvent the wheel, copy and past what the leaders have done to succeed. I take these courses and pulled my online business to the top straight away! ”
Rudy Richards
Affiliate Marketer

What is Multiple Income Funnel (MIF)?

MIF is a system that includes multiple applications that make you earn money on commission and/or as reseller, but that you do manage under one back-office. In this page you will learn about how this system is working and who created this genuine passive income investments : Mack Mills.

Who is Mack Mills?

Mack is an entrepreneur, a social influencer, and a digital marketer who makes multimillions of dollars.

He launched this very new and fantastic system of multiple income funnel roughly a month ago, and it is just incredibly being adopted by thousands of individuals (Already reached the 13K users)

MIF is THE subject of the moment, in the world of network marketing, affiliate marketing… It does include 4 income streams (still more to come). This is a clever way to make passive income from home or while you are on holiday. Everything will be explained by the founder, so just watch this video.

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Now that you have seen the above video explanation, and you are interested in being a MIF user and ambassador, take action: Join us !

Here are our 2 newest members absolutely crashing it !!! so join us to see the same results for you !


What kind of revenue streams are available in the Multiple income funnel?

There are many ways to earn passive income in the UK, but this one is pretty new to the whole world, and is really working safely on autopilot.

Bellow are the 4 main income streams, but more and more are being added!

1) The first income stream within the MIF is the back office system that you use. This is an internet business that pulled Mack to his mega-millionaire status. It is worth $29K, which is what the system cost him to build.

To sign up in the Multiple Income Funnel and start using the system, it costs $49 per month. There is an annual upgrade, but it’s optional. The commission paid for each referral is $20 per month (or $200 per person who upgrades annually). To qualify for the higher commission, the upgrade is required. You can stop whenever you want if you don’t like it, but you would be the first one to quit as none of the 13K+ users have stopped!

2) The second income stream is a digital franchise called Easy 1 Up. E1U has some learning digital products that teach you how to effectively market online. Easy1Up also has an affiliate program.

If you like the product packages, you can be its reseller as well and offer them to others and receive commissions of $25-$2,000 as a result. Guess how much would that be in your currency 😉

3) The third income stream is called

This is a text messaging software that can be used to direct traffic to any online business. It uses artificial intelligence. With text bot, you can earn between $100-$500 for each referral.


4). The fourth revenue stream is called Traffic Authority. People use TA to buy traffic and learn how to generate leads from some top elite marketers around the world. Commissions are healthy here too. And this is the main stream to activate if you had to choose an order.

Unique opportunity for everybody

It is friendly to newbies. The main concept of this system is, to have passive income, once you set everything up. The main activity is to drive traffic to your URL (the one that will be given to you when you decide to enrol with us), which is a landing page to promote this business. As an affiliate marketer the name of the game is sending traffic, collecting leads who will convert to sales.

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We both love technology and everything around internet and online world, we used this lockdown time to improve our knowledges in internet technical world and network marketings…but also search for opportunities, and find the best way to build our dream life and work towards that.


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